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November 6, 2018

The box1 TV platform is now available on LG Smart TVs.

San Juan Capistrano, CA - November 6, 2018.  box1 now available on LG Smart TVs!

"We are happy to announce that box1 is now available on LG Smart TVs.", said Jeff G. Tremaine, President and CEO of box1 TV LLC. "Now millions of people have access to good old fashion free TV on their LG Smart TVs.", he continued. As the Smart TV craze continues box1 is betting on a simple old fashion user interface, combined with a family friendly format and FREE!!!

In order to watch box1 TV on your LG Smart TV simply follow these instructions:

1. Make sure your TV is setup with internet access.

2. Turn your TV on.

3. Press the home button.

4. Use your arrow buttons to navigate to the LG Content Store and then press the OK button.

5. Use your arrow buttons to navigate to the search icon on top of the screen (the magnifying glass icon) and click the OK button.

6. Now type in "box1" and click search.

7. Click the purple box1 icon and follow the installation instructions. Now box1 is available on your TV.

8. To watch box1 press the home button and select the box1 network.

For additional info on installation/setup please visit the box1 website at www.box1tv.com. Questions, suggestions, channel recommendations, submissions, etc.. may also be made via the box1 website or by email to info@box1tv.com.

During the initial launch period, the box1 channel selection will be a bit sparse. New channels will be added at a rapid pace over the following weeks.

About box1 TV LLC:

The box1 TV organization is dedicated to providing "Good old fashion free TV on your smart TV". Interested parties are encouraged to reach out for additional information. box1 TV is a privately held C Corp. based out of San Juan Capistrano, CA.


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